Action Cerebral Palsy


The London Centre for Children with Cerebral Palsy is part of Action Cerebral Palsy, a UK consortium of specialist charities working with children with cerebral palsy and their families.


That every child in the UK with cerebral palsy can reach their full potential in life through early intervention and intensive educational and clinical input appropriate to their needs throughout their growing years.


To inspire and lead the positive changes in public policy and educational and clinical practice that will allow this vision to be realised

In May 2014 Action Cerebral Palsy launched an inquiry aimed at identifying policy change required to help children with cerebral palsy achieve their full potential.

Key findings were:

  • Approximately 30,000 children in the UK have cerebral palsy, which is the most common form of childhood disability
  • Earlier diagnosis and intervention and the resulting improved outcomes is crucial not only for the child, but also for wider society
  • Localism is often the enemy of consistent good practice
  • Therapeutic resources in the UK are significantly lower than elsewhere
  • There is a lack of understanding of cerebral palsy and its effects amongst health generalists and educationalists
  • Families continue to struggle to gain appropriate levels of support and are spending unnecessary time in the courts fighting for the right provision for their child at considerable expense to themselves and local authorities
  • There is a clear need for a national strategy to drive forward change           

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