Milkshake Tree Appeal



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We are hugely excited to be improving and extending our Centre in Coppetts Road. For the latest information, please visit our new website.


This video (and transcript) tell you more about it.

This is a fantastic opportunity to increase our services and facilities to help many more disabled children and adults with cerebral palsy and other movement disorders to achieve their full potential.

The new building will be a vibrant and harmonious space. It will include a hydrotherapy pool, classroom and therapy spaces, an accessible kitchen, a sensory garden, an accessible playground, and a Parents’ Hub, among other features.

The architecture and landscaping have been carefully and sensitively designed to offer opportunities, as appropriate to each child’s individual needs, to stimulate the senses through sounds, smells, light and varying surfaces.

The Milkshake Tree Appeal is our campaign to raise money for the building.  We asked the children at our school what they wanted in our new Centre. One of the girls said ‘a milkshake tree’! So we’ve adopted this as the name for the Appeal as it really captures the spirit of our mission to support disabled children to develop independence, confidence and self-esteem – and, hopefully, to make their dreams come true.

We need to raise £5.8 million for the building and grounds. Thanks to generous donors, we have already raised £1 million but we still have a long way to go.

The first new building – a much-needed multi-purpose room where we can hold the children’s review meetings with parents and professionals – is already up and running and being used every day.

For more information or to get involved, please contact Christine Harris on or tel 020 3074 1804.


Huge thanks

We’re immensely grateful to the everyone who has  contributed in 2016 to the Appeal, including Garfield Weston Foundation, Sir Jules Thorn Charitable Trust, The J Davy Foundation, Presidents Club Charitable Trust, The Patrick & Helena Frost Foundation, The Worshipful Company of Innholders, MariaMarina Foundation, Thomas Cook Children’s Charity, The Vail Foundation and The Maurice Wohl Charitable Foundation.


No ‘cannot’ –  only ‘why not?

All my team at pH+ has been inspired by this project and the immense potential the expanded Centre has to offer opportunities to more children and to adults.

Meeting the children who come to LCCCP has helped us understand that this project is more than just building regs, accessibility and logistics. There’s no ‘cannot’ with these children – there is only ‘why not?’

The Centre not only teaches the children to walk but encourages them and gives them the skills they need to fly… so for us, we are not designing wheelchair turning circles – we are designing flight paths.”

We’ve come a long way already with the Appeal but we need your help to make the new Centre get off the ground!”   Andy Puncher, Director, pH+ architects


With our new building, we will be able to:

  • increase the range of facilities and equipment for children who come to the Centre
  • double the number of children with cerebral palsy and other motor disorders who come to our school and early intervention sessions
  • provide Conductive Education support for adults with a range of conditions including Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s and those who are recovering from a stroke
  • build relationships with our local community by opening up the Centre.

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Exciting new features

We will have a range of new facilities and equipment:

  • a hydrotherapy pool suitable for use by both children and adults (at separate times) with accessible changing facilities and hoists
  • a Parents Hub where parents and carers can access vital information, meet to support each other and exchange ideas and information in a supportive environment
  • flexible-use therapy, classroom and meeting rooms and community room space for potential use by the local community
  • an external walkway around the building. The walkway will be enclosed by a timber screen which itself becomes a giant xylophone for children to play with, if appropriate.
  • an upper level sensory garden
  • the gardens around the Centre will be designed to stimulate the children’s imaginations, with different accessible play areas including a woodland walk, a mud kitchen, an inclusive playground, growing gardens, a dragon mound and an amphitheatre.