Mollii Suit assessments



New for 2017 – Mollii Mondays

Mollii assessments now available on Mondays at LCCCP

We are now taking bookings for both children and adults on for free Mollii assessments on Mondays at the London Centre for Children with Cerebral Palsy.

If you are interested in finding out more about Mollii and booking your free assessment, please contact Calli Pellegrini on  tel 020 3074 1802.


What is a Mollii Suit?

The Swedish designed Mollii Suit is a breakthrough in relieving spasticity and improving muscle control.

The Mollii Suit stimulates muscles which are underactive or have low tone, and relaxes spasticity in muscle groups. This leads to greater strength and flexibility, particularly when combined with Conductive Education or other therapeutic programmes. The Mollii Suit can also help relieve chronic pain.

Made out of elasticated material and available in different sizes, it is suitable for adults and children with a variety of neurological conditions, including cerebral palsy, acquired brain injury, stroke or Multiple Sclerosis.

With regular use, alongside an ongoing exercise or therapy programme, the suit can help you achieve lasting improvements in your stability and range of movement- giving you more independence in daily life.

What to expect at an assessment

The assessment lasts approximately two hours.

A conductor (Conductive Education professional) will first assess your (or the child’s) mobility without wearing the suit to establish a baseline for movement range, control and strength.

Based on the assessment, we programme the control unit to meet your specific requirements.

We will then help you get changed into the Mollii suit, which will go on over your underwear.

After half an hour, the conductor will check to see if the suit’s programming needs any fine tuning. After the full hour, you will change out of the suit. The conductor will then assess changes in your range and control of movement.

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A very warm thank you to Variety, the children’s charity, which generously helped two families to buy Mollii for their children, after our assessments. You can read about Savannah’s story here.

If you’re looking for funding support to buy a Mollii suit, please do get in touch with our team at You can also find lots of information and advice at Tree of Hope.