Music therapy

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For full details about our music therapy, please visit the new CPotential website.

“I like music therapy. My favourite is the ‘Jungle’ song. I like the drum and shaker.”

We provide extra-curricular music therapy sessions for pupils at our school and for toddlers and young children who attend our Early Intervention Services and sessional services.

Music therapy at aMusic therapy photo 1 compn early age can make a positive impact on children’s physical, cognitive and emotional development. It also gives them new opportunities to express themselves, which leads to increased confidence and self-esteem.

Rhythm and music are tools for motivation, concentration and learning and are particularly relevant for children who communicate non-verbally as they enable children to learn how to communicate in different ways and so develop a ‘new voice’.

Guided by music therapist Ruth Hunston, the children improvise on instruments and take part in structured musical activities and singing.  Parents of children who come to our Early Intervention Services also attend the sessions with their child.

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We are very grateful to The Amy Winehouse Foundation, which is supporting this resource. As a special thank you, we have named our service The Amy Winehouse Music Therapy Programme.