Speech and Language Advisory Clinic


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Our Speech and Language Therapist, who is an expert in the communication needs of children with complex needs (including cerebral palsy), will:

  • listen to your concerns
  • answer your questions
  • look at your child’s communication abilities and
  • give you practical tips to use at home.

The 20-minute consultation slots are at 11am, 11.20am and 11.40am on Mondays during term time at our Centre.

Please note

  • You do not need a referral from a healthcare professional.
  • The clinic cannot offer advice specifically related to managing dysphagia or eating and drinking difficulties or for children who do not have complex needs.

To book a consultation

Please email salt@cplondon.org.uk  or tel 020 8444 7242.

“I believe communication is a basic human right and that every child deserves someone to champion that and never give up on them.” Kerri Morgan, LCCCP Speech and Language Therapist